As calculating as a rattlesnake, Billy "the Kid" Pauch rarely lets down his guard. And while he never really learned how to sugar up to a potential sponsor, he sure could sweet-talk a race car.

To date, Pauch has corralled an incredible 744 wins, at 33 speedways dotting seven states. He’s won in Modifieds, Sprints, winged, ­ wingless, on dirt and asphalt — you name it. And he did it his way. Racing where and when he pleased. Answering to no one. Taking down ­victories with desperate bravado and deadly aim.

This is the Billy Pauch you never met…the highs and the lows, the attitude, the anger, the ­injuries. Why he’s so successful and why he ­refused to conform. How he did it, why he did it, and who he really is. This is the last cowboy.